Mary Anne

  • Mary Anne is a mother of five, sister of six, and beloved of countless more. Her symbol is a palm tree.

Donald Edward Jr.

  • a
    Donald Edward Jr. is a farmer, poet, musician and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. His symbol is Canada geese.

Julie Elizabeth

  • a
    Julie is a professor of religion living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is a flower.

Donald Edward III

  • Donny is a farmer, teacher and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. He is wedded to Lakaisha Nicole. His symbol is a butterfly.

Clare Siobhan

  • Clare is a dancer, teacher and choreographer living in Vermont. Her symbol is a seashell.

Mary McMonigal

  • Mary is a writer, songwriter and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is sage.

Monica Catherine

  • Monica is a writer and playwright living in Durham, North Carolina. Her symbol is a star.


  • All of us in various combinations. (Not chronological.)

Leaving Annville

  • The magnolia tree bloomed just in time for our departure from Annville, Pennsylvania.

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December 03, 2008


Alex Wilson

Friend of Monica's in Carrboro. Read on RSS.



Im on the A list! ie, family---direct connection. How sweet it is!


Just keeping an eye on my kids. Monica sent us the site. Frau

Jan Powers

My son, Jordan Miller, was a student of your dad's in Annville. I love your site - what a creative family! I check it out once or twice a month. Thanks so much!

ann (fitzgibbons) chen

fellow lc/pa friend .. not sure how i stumbled on this, but hi! my best to all of you. :)

Shelley (Wike)

Went to school with Donald. Chris Shaak sent the link over a year ago when we were planning a class reunion. I love catching up with your family, you have such a way with words and pictures.

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