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  • Mary Anne is a mother of five, sister of six, and beloved of countless more. Her symbol is a palm tree.

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    Donald Edward Jr. is a farmer, poet, musician and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. His symbol is Canada geese.

Julie Elizabeth

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    Julie is a professor of religion living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is a flower.

Donald Edward III

  • Donny is a farmer, teacher and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. He is wedded to Lakaisha Nicole. His symbol is a butterfly.

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  • Clare is a dancer, teacher and choreographer living in Vermont. Her symbol is a seashell.

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  • Mary is a writer, songwriter and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is sage.

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  • Monica is a writer and playwright living in Durham, North Carolina. Her symbol is a star.


  • All of us in various combinations. (Not chronological.)

Leaving Annville

  • The magnolia tree bloomed just in time for our departure from Annville, Pennsylvania.

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January 07, 2009



and shout-out to our regular reader Jeanne Manzer ... happy birthday Cousin Jeanne! what did you do for your Jan. 7?! ;-)

Jeanne Manzer

Thank you, Julie, for remembering and for the wishes! My January 7th was both good and not so good...unless I look toward the future! As far as the good husband took me out for lunch to a nice place! As far as not so good goes...that day I got innoculated against shingles!!! I had to go to our Hospital and pay $200 (neither Medicare nor my secondary insurance will pay for that innoculation) for the vaccine, then rush it on ice to my primary care Doctor's office where one of her nurses injected it in my arm before it thawed. Ouch!!! But now I have the assurance that I will not suffer from shingles, or if I do it will be just a very light case. As one gets older the possibility of getting shingles becomes more and more of a reality...and on my father's side of the family, several people have had I am trying to avoid that possibility. And so far so side effects from the innoculation! Cousin Donald and I usually communicate on our shared birthday...I sent my communication but am still waiting for his!!??!!


Jeanne, with that kind of birthday, you deserve some more cake! So fun to read your post, despite it being an "ouch" ... ;-).

don byrne

Dear Cuz--return birthday greetings are on their way, but a special Happy Birthday to you on the Web!
Your younger cousin

Dave Dundore

Happy Birthday, Mr. Byrne, You and yours have always been one of my favorite families. I wish you well!!!

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