Mary Anne

  • Mary Anne is a mother of five, sister of six, and beloved of countless more. Her symbol is a palm tree.

Donald Edward Jr.

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    Donald Edward Jr. is a farmer, poet, musician and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. His symbol is Canada geese.

Julie Elizabeth

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    Julie is a professor of religion living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is a flower.

Donald Edward III

  • Donny is a farmer, teacher and freelance monk living in Chatham County, North Carolina. He is wedded to Lakaisha Nicole. His symbol is a butterfly.

Clare Siobhan

  • Clare is a dancer, teacher and choreographer living in Vermont. Her symbol is a seashell.

Mary McMonigal

  • Mary is a writer, songwriter and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Her symbol is sage.

Monica Catherine

  • Monica is a writer and playwright living in Durham, North Carolina. Her symbol is a star.


  • All of us in various combinations. (Not chronological.)

Leaving Annville

  • The magnolia tree bloomed just in time for our departure from Annville, Pennsylvania.

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January 05, 2009


Donald in Bear Creek

Everyone so photogenic this time. Keep it up.

Monica Byrne

Did you get notice of this comment, Jule? If so, you can practice deleting it ;)


LOL, i will charitably take it as a great new year's resolution: in 2009, be photogenic! ;-)

Judy Feather

Hi Byrne Family,
We miss you in Annville, no Tom and Jerrys this Christmas. Hope you had a great holiday. Everyone doing well here. I enjoy reading about you.


hello Judy and Phil Feather and family! we miss you, too--no Tom & Jerry's in NC, either. but you are in the constellation of conversation and conviviality all the time, especially holidays! xxx for the new year to our wonderful still-neighbors ... ;-)

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