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October 31, 2011


Warren Thompson

Any updates on Don's condition?


Hey Warren! So good to hear from you! I'm sorry we didn't know your email address--we've been updating everyone mainly through emails. Dad's surgery went very well, and he's already recovered some function where it'd been lost before (particularly in his right leg and hand). We still have a long road ahead, but it's pretty well mapped--first he goes to in-house rehab where they treat all the UNC athletes (!!!), and then to an intermediate physical therapy facility.

I asked Clare to include you on the latest email update--you're thompson at lvc dot edu, correct? And so she can give you a more thorough update. Thanks again for checking in, Warren. Dad will be glad to hear from you.

Bill Beecham

I just learned of Don's surgery and what led to it. Please give him my love and know that he's included in my prayers. Don and I were classmates in the seminary. We fished a great deal while telling whoppers. I've missed his friendship over the many lost years. I pray he'll fully recover.


Bill, thank you so much for your note! Dad was very glad to hear from you. He's doing really well--getting discharged in a mere two days--and my sister Clare and I will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving along with him, Donald, Nicole, Niko, and a little baby girl who's due any day now. So we have much to be thankful for :) Always good to hear from one of Dad's boyhood friends!

Darlene Fanning

I hope your dad turns out fine. Back and spinal injury, and its treatment are quite crucial. I know that he can make it through. You guys can give support your support by staying besides him all the time. That will definitely uplift the morale of your Dad.


Thank you, Darlene!

Anton Houskeeper

I'm hoping for his full recovery. As he becomes healthier, perhaps you should follow what the physicians ordered. That will definitely help his recovery. He looked great in that photo. I'm sure he will retain that lively and strong aura that he has.

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